As photographers we are always chasing light. It is our first step in composing a visual image and the main building block of what we do. We paint with light; the very definition of photography. Since I work with both digital and analog cameras, I will refer to a digital image as a capture and a film negative as a photograph.

This is a HDR (High Dynamic Resolution) capture of a dock on Little St. Germaine Lake in Northern Wisconsin shortly after sunrise. 
To create the HDR, I took three captures of the scene; one underexposed, one at normal exposure, and one overexposed. Using PhotoShop, a composite image was made from the three layers. This expands the detail range of shadow to highlight.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Della! What wonderful postings! And amazing photos. What skill you have and to share it with others is valuable.

    My mother living with us has changed my life… I hope I can find myself again!



    1. Aida! Hearing from you always makes me happy! Has your mother been living with you long? I hope all is well with the arrangement. I can only imagine having my mom move in with us with all the joy and difficulties that would result. Finding myself small again would be inevitable.
      Thank you for your kind words about my photographs. I’ve revamped this old blog for my small group of film photography and darkroom students at Sheboygan’s South High. There is so much to convey to them a blog seemed to be the best tool rather than printed handouts. It’s an honors program for art department seniors and I’m so impressed with them! Our love to you!

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