Eagle Feather

Feather _IFLA Cover

This eagle feather appears on the cover of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) latest publication, Indigenous Notions of Ownership and Libraries, Archives and Museums. My thanks to editors Camille Callison, Loriene Roy, and Gretchen Alice LeCheminant for selecting my photograph.

Reconstructed Portraiture








There are those who by profession, hobby, or faith, wear material to cover or protect their heads. Through casual observance we are unable to see the person under the guise. The Reconstructed Portraiture series is an exercise in providing a glimpse of who lies beneath by combining two vernacular portraits with and without the head covering. The act of hand cutting and weaving the two black and white photographic prints form a pixelated double exposure that will inevitably alter the face.

Nature Challenge

Here are the images I selected when tagged to post one nature photo a day for a week on social media:

Day One – Daybreak on the Bong Trail near Jay Cooke State Park, MN

Day Two – Anasazi Loop Trail, New Mexico

Day Three – Alligator surfaces in Lake Texana, Texas

Day Four – Storm breaks up at sunset over Lake Michigan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Day Five – Deer romping at Lake Texana State Park, Texas

Maywood in fall
Day Six – Ellwood H. May Environmental Park, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Day Seven – Cropped & edited version of an eagle in flight, Sheboygan, Wisconsin