On the Road

Laundry Day on the Road JPG

Laundry Day on the Road (1976) by Dave Nohl

While archiving negatives and digital captures I came upon a single strip of 35mm color negatives taken by my brother-in-law. It was in rough condition with torn sprocket holes and multiple scratches including one long film advance scratch running horizontally through the length of the negative. After some digital restoration the picture of a road trip taken by my husband and his brother emerged. For me, the multiple items contained within the Wash-O-Mat’s space, from product branding of beverages and laundry soaps to the reflections of the street including the hearse and the anonymous person off to the right elevates this photo from snapshot to fine art. It has the feel of a Martin Parr or a daytime version of a Hopper painting. It’s unusual for me to post something I didn’t photograph. I hope you like this as much as I do.

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